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FirstVPN offers Virtual Private Network design, implementation, and management for service providers and end-users. Whether you have 2 or 10,000 users, we have services designed for your specific needs.





FirstVPN, Inc. is a Dallas-based corporation. We began building VPNs in March, 1998, when we designed and implemented a 7,000 user remote access VPN for a large defense contractor.

We are reshaping the delivery of VPN solutions with the introduction of our unique service offerings, especially our popular SimpleVPNā„¢ service.

Our founding members include:

Mark Stiles, Chairman
Michael Huang, President
Jack Ross, CTO

Our leading customers include:

Bank of America
TV Guide
Hicks, Muse, Tate, & Furst
Lockheed Martin Global Telecommunications
GlobalNetwork Technology Services



We employ Open Directory Project editors who review Website content for search directories like Netscape, Lycos and HotBot. This activity keeps us on the cutting edge of Internet-based VPN developments.

We encourage you to continue sending us your suggestions.


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