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AT&T VNC Remote Control Software

Free software that allows remote desktop control much like the programs PCAnywhere and NetMeeting.
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An easy-to-use password recovery program. Simply move the mouse over the text box, label, or window, and Caption-it! will reveal the text, even if it's encrypted. Freeware.
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Cryptext v3.21

Cryptext is a free public domain Windows 95, NT4, Windows 2000 shell extension that performs strong file encryption. It uses a combination of SHA-1 and RC4 to encrypt files using a 160-bit key.
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NTPC v3.0.3

Accurate time synchronization is a critical part of effective intrusion detection. The Network Time Protocol Client keeps your PC clock in synchronization with Coordinated Universal Time. It also includes a server mode to keep all computers on your network synchronized. Works with dedicated or dial-up Internet connections and is fully customizable.
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SuperScan v2.06 Port Scanner

Robin Keir's powerful TCP port scanner, pinger and hostname resolver. Multithreaded and asynchronous techniques make this program extremely fast and versatile. Perform ping scans and port scans using any IP range or specify a text file to extract addresses from. Connect to any discovered open port using user-specified "helper" applications and assign a custom helper application to any port. Save the scan list to a text file. Transmission speed control.
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World Time v5.5.2.748

"The Ultimate Virtual Timepiece" is a freeware world clock rated a 5 star "Killer Download" on ZDNet. It is clearly the best time program available at any cost, with many advanced features including tracking for any number of time zones, alarms, stopwatch, calendar, countdown to date, and a time difference calculator. Synchronizes automatically with NTP servers or atomic clocks via direct, dial, or proxied Internet connections.
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SecureVPN™ Software Client

Fully functional IPSec client required for using Simple VPN™. Requires a username and password provided with your payment confirmation.

VPN ProductMatrix.

Excel spreadsheet containing detailed VPN product information. Includes cost and performance specifications as well as links to the exact product Web page.

VPN MarketMatrix.

Excel spreadsheet containing links to VPN Websites classified by category.

Sample Request for VPN Proposal

The document illustrates the elements commonly found in a request for proposal specifically for VPN equipment and services. It is available in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF formats.

Security & Encryption Tutorial

Dr. Peter Gutmann
Download the entire set in Zip format.
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Sircam Virus Removal Utility

Norton Antivirus

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