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Macromedia Flash Presentations

The following online movies explain the concepts of Internet-based VPN's and offer reasons why you might want a virtual private network of your own.

You'll need the Shockwave Flash™ plug-in, so if you don't have it, download it from here

Why use a Remote Access VPN?

Replacing Leased Lines with VPN

Managed VPN Infrastructure

Deploying Intrusion Detection

URL Filtering

Our Online Research Portal contains more than 248 white papers.

New papers added October 20, 2002.



Selected White Papers:

Building a Microsoft VPN:
A Comprehensive Collection of Microsoft Resources

How to Configure IPSec Tunneling in Windows 2000

Know Your Enemy:
The Tools and Methodologies of The Script Kiddie

Auditing Your Firewall Setup

Articles in PC World,, Internet Asia


Published by

Virtual Private Networks:
Real World Challenges and Solutions

Sample Request for VPN Proposal

Recently Posted:

OpenBSD 2.4 IPSEC VPN Configuration
Building Your Firewall Rulebase
1463K PDF
The Study of an Attack:
A Forensic Analysis

Virtual Private Network Product Development Guide
128K PDF


Real Cases for Managed Security: Who's Been HACKED Lately ?

Examples of actual attacks are available, thanks to the talent at, Dutch Threat, and  These cases are compelling, but the real issue is that the Internet was used to breach secure networks.



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