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Each Nortel Contivity Extranet Switch is a single hardware device which provides routing, firewall, bandwidth management, encryption, authentication, and data integrity for secure tunneling across managed IP networks and the Internet. With Contivity Extranet Switches, you can connect remote users, branch offices, suppliers, and customers with the cost and performance advantages of shared IP networks and the security and control you would expect from private networks.

This integrated product family includes the Contivity 1510, 1520 and 1530 for up to 100 simultaneous users, Contivity 2600 for up to 1000 users, and Contivity 4500 for up to 5000 users.


Ease of deployment and management
The Contivity Extranet Switch is easy to deploy at enterprise sites, and interoperates with existing network components such as routers, firewalls, and servers. A T1 with integrated CSU/DSU card delivers interface flexibility and WAN functionality; a V.35 and HSSI card supports various universal physical connections. The Nortel Networks Optivity VPN Manager handles batch management of multiple Contivity Extranet Switches.

Secure directory-enabled networking
The Contivity Extranet Switch accepts incoming traffic only through authenticated, tunneled connections. All connections are encrypted for privacy, and all transactions are logged. Each user, group, or branch office connection--internal or external--can have a unique filtering profile with different access rights.

Integrated firewall protection
Contivity Extranet Switches at the network center, branch office, or remote location can also be integrated with a high-performance CheckPoint firewall. All connections can be authenticated, encrypted, and further protected by unique filtering profiles for each user or group--plus complete life-cycle managed digital certificate authentication using Entrust and VeriSign.

Customized service offerings
Enterprises can choose to own and manage their own IP VPNs, or out- source to a service provider while retaining control over user authentication or a part of the network, or outsource all aspects of the service. When the IP VPN is provided as a managed carrier service, different management demarcation points can be defined for different enterprises.

High performance
A powerful Intel architecture, redundancy for key components, multilevel authentication, a hardware-based encryption card, and automatic backup of system and accounting data create a highly reliable IP VPN. As processor technology has advanced, we capitalized on it, and as a result have cut the cost-per-user in half.

Dynamic routing
Contivity Extranet Switches in the branch office and net- work center use RIP v1 and v2 routing protocol to dynamically create secure tunnels and to simplify provisioning of branch offices.

Broad client support
The Contivity Extranet IPSec Client is included free, with an unlimited distribution license. This client can be tailored to include custom icons and banners, and is pass-word-protected for added security.

Standards-based technology
VPN and extranet technology standards are still evolving. The Contivity Extranet Switch is equipped for this constantly changing environment; it provides a wide range of choices for tunneling, authentication, encryption, and accounting.


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