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Each Netopia Router comes equipped with a host of advanced features that makes installing, configuring, and managing a high-speed network Internet connection simple and intuitive. Netopia Routers come standard with an integrated 8-port Ethernet hub with an uplink port for connection to an existing hub. A built-in pre-configured IP firewall protects the LAN from unauthorized access, keeping confidential data safe. Netopia takes 'plug-and-play' to a new level with advanced features that simplify router setup and management. The Netopia SmartStart Wizard automates router configuration making the setup process as simple as clicking 'next', 'next', and 'finished'. Netopia's SmartIP a combination of dynamic or static Network Address Translation (NAT) and an integrated Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server, allows the Netopia Router and your LAN to be fully configured for Internet access to an ISP, or LAN-to-LAN connections, without even entering an IP address.

The Netopia Routers Family has been designed with a modular architecture allowing for cost-effective upgrades to different WAN connections such as Cable, DSL or T1. A wide range of add-on upgrades and enhancements further increases options giving growing businesses unmatched flexibility, resulting in a higher return on investment. Netopia Routers have developed a reputation for being a powerful solution offering the advanced features today's demanding users require, yet are still easy to install, use, and maintain. Netopia Routers: What the Internet Experience Should Be.
Some features common to all Netopia Routers:

S9500 Security Appliance

A high-performance firewall with VPN and traffic shaping.  

The Netopia S9500 Security Appliance is a high performance Firewall with integrated IPSec VPN and traffic shaping capabilities. Designed specifically to meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses, the S9500 is a cost- effective solution for securing local area networks (LANs). The S9500 features high powered hardware-based performance that is capable of screening 4000 concurrent firewall sessions at 10 Mbps while supporting 200 concurrent 3DES encryption operations.
The S9500 incorporates stateful inspection firewall technology to protects a LAN against hostile assaults and unauthorized access, and a DMZ port to allow restricted public access to certain servers, such as a web server.
Featuring IPSec 3DES VPN, the S9500 enables cost-effective and secure communication with branch offices, remote users, telecommuters, and business partners using the Internet. Traffic shaping capability includes the ability to prioritize IP packets and guarantee bandwidth so that mission-critical applications always have the required bandwidth necessary to maintain performance levels.
The Netopia S9500 delivers powerful features with the ease-of-use Netopia is known for. An intuitive web interface provides real-time monitoring and management, and extensive logging and notification of potential attack threat or of network problems are available through automatic e-mail alerts.

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