FirstVPN is a service that helps you navigate the internet with complete anonymity and privacy. We have VPN servers located in 31 different countries.
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Use All Features To Protect Your Connection

VPN has a limitless variety of use cases: from personal use to more serious business cases. Support of all kinds of popular technologies while working with VPN on different devices will multiply the effectiveness of your activities on the Internet.

  • For All Devices
  • Popular Protocols
  • Confidential Browsing
  • No Logging
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Get the Full Benefits of FirstVPN

Absolute Privacy on All Devices

A VPN ensures privacy on all devices used by masking your real IP and making your data inaccessible to others.

It is compatible with any operating system, including mobile and smart TVs, set-top boxes, and routers. No special equipment is required to use a VPN server.

  • Windows, Linux and MacOS
  • iOS and Android
  • All browsers
  • TVs, consoles, and routers

Excellent Speed and Performance

We dedicate specific resources to ensure the fast and efficient performance of our VPN servers. Our team closely monitors server availability to ensure you stay connected.

With a 1Gbps port, our VPN offers high connection speeds and optimal performance without delays.

  • VPN servers everywhere
  • Fast connection speed
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Stable connection

Total Anonymity and Security

FirstVPN is absolute privacy and preservation of your security. We offer you the choice of the location of your VPN server and give you the opportunity to change its location at any time.

We don't keep any logs of your actions and programs. You don't have to worry about hackers.

  • Proprietary DNS
  • No logging
  • Configured firewall
  • Ability to change IP

Choose the Right VPN Server for You

FirstVPN offers a variety of server locations in 31 countries across Europe, Asia, Oceania and North America. Don't limit yourself and use VPN from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is decide on a server location.

Are you interested in high loading speed? Choose the country closest to your physical location. Want to get access to blocked content? Choose a country that is not under restriction.

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Private VPN for Your Needs

VPN for Everyone
Use FirstVPN on Any Device

FirstVPN can be used on any device without any limitations. Whether it's a mobile phone, computer, television, or router, you can anonymously access the internet from any location using it.

No restrictions
Access to blocked resources
Privacy for your personal information
Favorite movies without borders
Unlimited Streaming

By using a VPN, you can enjoy streaming services with a fast and unrestricted connection. You can continue to engage in online activities you enjoy.

Favorite Movies Without Limits
Safe Surfing

Your online activities will remain private and unknown to any organization, website, or third party, even when using a VPN. FirstVPN does not keep records of user's browsing history and ensures the protection of their privacy.


FirstVPN is a VPN service provider that prioritizes speed and security while using the internet. We understand the importance of being able to access various online services and websites. We offer VPN services to help users access these services anonymously and securely. FirstVPN place a high emphasis on providing high-quality service to their users.

VPN usage is completely secure. FirstVPN encrypts traffic and conceal your true IP address to provide anonymous connections. The location of the VPN server should be chosen based on the purpose of using VPN. For instance, to access restricted content, select the city and country where the content is accessible.

When accessing the internet, your ISP uses its servers to route traffic. A VPN creates this connection through a private server, so any data sent from your device originates from the VPN network. Essentially, when you connect, a request is sent to a private virtual server. Your real IP address is then replaced with another, allowing for a secure and anonymous connection.

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