About Us

FirstVPN, as a professional VPN provider, offers everyone safe and private online activity without fear of being exposed. Use the Internet the way you want.

The ability to browse and use any content, independence from the restrictions of companies and government authorities - this is the true purpose of the Internet, which today seems impossible. And we, the FirstVPN team, are striving for the ideal, for a free World Wide Web and peace of mind for its users.

We work daily to analyze and develop our own VPN network, its security and new features.

FirstVPN Values

  • Security

    Thanks to the latest technology FirstVPN guarantees full protection of personal data of VPN users. We are constantly improving the network security system to prevent hackers and intruders from accessing it.

  • Privacy

    We do not log your Internet activity through VPN servers or collect other personal data. Even if we are asked for customer information, we have nothing to share.

  • Trust

    FirstVPN creates a trusting relationship with every client without exception. Your peace of mind is important to us and we want you to feel free to access the content you want from any location.

  • Development

    Our team tirelessly keeps up with the rapid development of the Internet by introducing modern technologies and providing new options to our customers. The high quality of FirstVPN products is a basis of the best service for you.


FirstVPN is a trademark of Wergames OÜ

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